LOTD #78 - Why So Serious?

Hey hey everyone!
I haven't gone anywhere, I'm still here, but it's summer, and it's a struggle to get online some days when I just wanna be out and about!
Don't have to be all serious about it though!  I'd never leave all the way!  LOL.
Okay - on to today's post!  I got two amazing items from Uber to show off, first off lets begin with Pure Poison and these SHOES.  Like all females out there I love shoes in both worlds, and these shoes, they re-ignited my love for tall heels completely.  These heels can be found at Uber and what you will get is a HUD with many different colors to choose from as well as changing the metal down the front of the leg to a few different metal colors.  I love the almost shear sides and back to these, almost like a mesh material!  Very hot, very cute and paired with this group gift from Hilly Haalan (the dress) it pulls it all together!
The hair is also from Uber and made by Truth!  Love this hair, love the way you can have it c…

LOTD #77 - Return To The Sea? (Sneak Peek)

She finds herself back near the edge of the sea, near where she once called home.
Was it all worth it?  Giving up her old life, for this new one?  After all this time, was it still worth it?
Return to the sea?  Does she still wish to be part of the world she finds herself in?  
Time will only tell.
Even though she may not have her tail/fins anymore, she can still remember, she can still be close to what she once knew.  How?  Why?  Because 1313 Mockingbird Lane helped her out, that's how!
1313 Mockingbird Lane is a part of the Mermaid Cove event that will open on the 23rd of July.  Once your able to get into the event, you will likely see tons of mermaid inspired creations, and one will be by 1313 Mockingbird Lane - and these heels!  Oh these heels are NOTHING like what the creator usually makes, but she out did herself.  The heels have that fin/scale feel to them, classic heel with adornments on the heels beachy inspired of course.  In between these scales on the shoes are pearls…

LOTD #76 - I'm Getting Married......

.......Okay, no I'm not getting married.  A girl can dream though right?
I just felt so beautiful, and bridal when I slipped on Blueberry's version of the wedding dress, who else but Blueberry can do one so well.  I found my dress at Epiphany along with the bouquet I am holding.  I'm all ready and waiting, someday ... maybe.
So at Epiphany you will find Blueberry's gacha - it has all sorts of rares and commons.  There are different styles of the dress to win, the one I'm wearing is #4 RARE - strapless!  The flowers on the bodice, the details pearls, matching the bouquet perfectly.  it's long, plunging to the ground.  You will also find several lingerie items as well...ya know for after you take the vows!  If you don't care to play the gacha machines then you can actually buy the full fatpack of the entire gacha for a low price!
Be one with the gacha machine, be a bride or snag yourself a gorgeous formal dress to wear where ever your heart desires.  It'…

LOTD #75 - Feel Freebies!

Oh I do!  I feel amazing, sexy, pretty in some freebies and I wanted to share them all with you today!
The skin/shape is up first - and WOW is all I have to say.  For a limited amount of time Egozy has put out a group gift and it's freaking beautiful.  The skin and shape I'm wearing comes together!  Group join is a must and it's only a 250L fee.  But here's what you get in this group gift - the skin is for the Catwa head only.  The body appliers are for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, and Omega as well in all the tones that Egozy offers!  Think I'm finished yet, well think again!  Egozy also offers this shape - YES, the shape I'm wearing above - it's BEAUTIFUL!  Eyebrow shape as well which I'm also wearing, plus you get appliers for more cleavage if you so choose.  What in the hell are you waiting for?  Get down to Egozy RIGHT NOW before you miss this chance!
Next I want to feature Scandalize and this group gift!!  The shorts and tank top - showing some unde…

LOTD #74 - Tell Me, What Do You See?

Look into my face, look into my eyes and tell me .... What do you see?
A woman all glammed up, or can you see past that, can you see the real person on the other end?
Don't you want to know what I'm thinking, feeling, seeing, or even experiencing?
Well, if you can't answer those questions, that's okay.  I really don't want you all to look past the eye makeup at all!  Please don't, at least not right away.  This eye makeup is from Adored and was up for Saturday sale yesterday - if you hurry it may still be on sale.  Even if it's not, you still need this in your life.  I love the dramatic colors you can choose from, which are: pink, purple and a teal.  They all come included with a HUD to place the extra glitter and tiny stars on either eye.  They also come with the option of changing your eyebrows to match the color or not to.
I also wanna point out my hair, it's made by Lamb (quickly becoming a favorite of mine for sure) and was also part of the Saturd…

LOTD #73 - Oh My!

Oh me, Oh my!  So many choices for the day at the beach!
Where did I get all these fun floaties from?  Well, MOoH! made them and they are now available at the TWE12VE event!  It's currently running now until July 30th!  This is a gacha people!  Listen up - it is 50L a pull.  There are tons of commons all that have animations in them.  The only floatie that does not have any animations in it is that cute cute little octopus!  The rares?  There are two, the unicorns (showing the purple one in picture) and there is a pink one.  For the 2 rares they have couple animations.  So, if you like doughnuts, fruit slices, even pizza slices to float on then this is a gacha you don't wanna miss!
My so bright, so amazingly cut swim suit is the other item I wanna feature.  This one piece, but so cut out swim suit is made by ADN.  I am OBSESSED with the bright and vibrant colors that she always offers!  I love to be daring, so I chose this amazing lime green!  It's so fantastic, and the o…

LOTD #72 - Beautiful in Blue

Today I wanted to feature two amazing items!  I'm in love with them both, and just had to pair them together!  Together in blue!
First up is this sexy yet cute little romper made by MOoH! and is included as a hunt gift in the Beached Bunny Hunt that is running now until July 31st!  The hint for this romper is as follows: "Bunny likes it sunny"  Happy Hunting!  This romper comes included with a HUD that has this fabulous blue and a few other pastel pretty colors.  Surely this will help you stay cool on those long hot humid days!
Next up are the heels!  Oh these heels are to die for.  They are made by Pure Poison and can be located at the Collabor88 event that is running now until August 6h!  Plenty of time.  I love these heels.  They come included with a jam packed HUD with amazing bright vibrant colors.  Yes, your eyes don't deceive you, the platforms are clear, glitter filled in fact.  Each color coordinates with a cute toe strap that are different fruits/icons!  S…